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About number, the most glamorous is No. 23, especially No.23 of Chicago Bulls because that number represents the god of basketball Michael Jordan. Now, the No.23 of NBA jerseys represents not only Jordan but also the sport of NBA. NBA soon set off a burst of heat 23. Nowadays,The younger generation appeared in many of the 23 heros, such as Marcus Camby , Artest, Richardson and other young talents. While some players choose number 23 of is not because of Michael Jordan, but the appearance of the number 23 NBA jerseys still makes us feel excited.

Many players choose No. 3 NBA jerseys. The first is the smaller Guards, such as Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Marbury, Best (Travis), Wade, Bob Sura, etc.. The second is the young players had experience of street basketball, for example, Haywood, Chandler, Wallace, Dion, George and so on. In addition to No. 3 of jerseys from China, there are other popular numbers of 1, 4, 8, 11 of cheap jerseys. No. 1 of NBA jerseys belongs guard, most players of NBA think 1 is meaning of No. 1 of jerseys from China. Therefore, many players like No. 1 of cheap jerseys from China, such as Baron Davis, Mike Grady, Penny Hardawayand so on. As well many players would like to select No. 4 of NBA jerseys.

Due to conceptual differences and engagement of foreign players, the player’s cheap jerseys number is also more diversified. There are some differences in traditional culture and ideals between different countries. Therefore, the players from different countries have different ways to choose NBA jerseys.